Government incentives are available to reduce costs to you. Savings will depend on the size of the PV system that you want to install.

There are normally enough sunny spaces on the roofs of apartment buildings. You might need to get permission from your body corporate before the installation can be done.

Yes absolutely. We give a 3-year warranty on our workmanship and will also honor all warranties given by the manufacturer, for example, the warranty given by LG:

“We provide you with a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty on modules (parts and labour). Being a diversified manufacturer this means LG’s warranty is backed up by multiple income streams, an important factor during the uncertain times of the solar industry. Subject to the terms of the warranty document, LG will for a period of twelve (12) years from date of purchase authorise a free of charge repair or replacement of the module, for a manufacturing defect. The warranty also covers labor and transport close to major population areas. LG does not just give you a replacement panel, we make sure it is installed properly. LG offers you a transferable warranty, so if you sell your property, the warranty transfers to the new owner. We offer you a 25-year linear output warranty. This is a parts warranty. LG guarantees that for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase the actual power output of the module will be no less than 98% of the labelled power output. From the second year, the actual power output will decline annually by no more than 0.6% for each year of the remaining 24 years, so that by the end of the 25th year, an actual output of at least 83.6% of the nameplate power out specified on the module will still be achieved”.

Solar panels should be installed where there is maximum sunshine preferably facing North to obtain maximum solar energy.

We have a partnership with Ecokleen Solar nationwide for the cleaning of solar panels. Dirt and debris can accumulate over time and can have a big impact on your system. When properly maintained you can keep your solar panels looking as good as new and working at their best, giving you decades of service. That is why we recommend regular cleaning

An average size solar system generally takes a day or less to install.

Call us immediately so we can assess the damage and have repairs done. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form and we will contact you.


When the sun shines on a solar panel the sunlight is converted into DC (Direct Current) through the PV (Photovoltaic) cells on the panel.

The DC that is produced by the solar panel is then converted to AC (Alternating Current) by the inverter.

The AC is then fed into your house to run everything electrical like your TV, microwave etc. Any excess electricity that you don’t use can be sent back into the grid.